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András Bányai: Space

Attention! This is not a drill! Please be advised that the following pages you are about to read may give you the impression that you actually have no idea what space is and never have. Later on, this may turn out to be true. It should also be noted that exploration of the subject requires controlled conditions and safety measures even when conducted by professionals. Contemplations about the definitions of space are highly dangerous procedures and should not be attempted at home. All liability for collateral damage from any cognitive activities undertaken by laymen as a result of the ideas contained herein is hereby excluded. Thank you for your understanding.

Published in 2012
16.5 x 23.6 cm
76 pages
Color Offset
Edition of 1000

András Bányai, Liza Béar, Mircea Cernov, Petra Csizek
Jonas Delaborde, Misha Hollenbach, Cathérine Hug, Ari Marcopoulos
Stefan Marx, Gáspár Riskó, Benjamin Sommerhalder, Adrienne Sós
Peter Sutherland, Ed Templeton, Dominika Trapp


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