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Tamás Fehérvári: The Solidity of Liquid Jelly, or the Basic Assumptions of Symposiums

There is something irritating about solidity. Of course, there is something enviable about how someone with a firm conviction about one thing or another can stick to it no matter what; however, it does impede dialogue. Envy slowly gives way to frustration – justified or not – over the other’s pig-headedness and inability to take part in a debate. So, anything that is not liquid can be completely exasperating, while that which is liquid… come to think of it, liquid can be just as bad. Comments that not only come trickling into the conversation always at the right time, but that also give the impression of being stones from the bottom of the stream, and of having been worn smooth long ago by the flowing water… After a while, a person devoid of the desire to argue can only hear echoes of his own trickles of thought. Jelly. I think this is the ideal state of matter. Gelatinous morality, gelatinous value systems, gelatinous rhetoric. Of course, it needs some liquid to go with it, depending on your preferences, and just a touch of something solid if possible. But that is just to set off the liquid. Something to go with it.

Published in 2012
16.5 x 23.6 cm
92 pages
Color Offset
Edition of 1000

András Bányai, Jody Barton, Linus Bill, Jonas Delaborde
Karen Ann Donnachie, Tamás Fehérvári, Frédéric Fleury
Ron Hanson, Misha Hollenbach, Adrien Horni
Gábor Kerekes, Lóránd Kosnás, Katerina Šedá
Adrienne Sós, Sergei Sviatchenko, Shauna Toohey
Bertrand Trichet


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